: There are many difficulties when decisions are made based on information which seeks to ignore, or organically avoids the metaphysical connection between an individual and their experience of themselves and their lives.  Even more are created within the social economy of our attachment systems ranging from the stranger or other all the way to those that we build lives and families with.  When we seek to confront and understand the primitive sensations, and the resultant thoughts and emotions that accompany them in the full metaphysical presence of others we find moments that comfort the symbolic rhetoric of being and respect others as they go through their own changes, together in full view.  In this, we all Become, tenuously navigating the ways we choose to fight against or work with rhetoric's mandible with both it's magnitudes and it's different frequencies, as we interact with our own individual experience of the metaphysical.  These difficulties are reduced and sometimes prevented; though never kept fully from the vicious nature of primitive humanity, as we all seek to care for our own personal connections in the midst of also protecting each other from the information that seeks to force our metaphysical selves into these difficult spaces.  It is the emotional drives of love, sex and attachment which allows for the possibility of transmutation of these moments and spaces in our lives into moments where we can gain self-attainment or connection with others.  Though it may be a delicate balance and a very transparent web we weave, each of us persists in learning the dance if for no other reason than it is one of our most basic human functions to be social and interface with the social economy.  For no other reason, if any one may be so kind as to allow, that we may find ourselves and our lives in this world; wherever and however they may be. 


May we all dream well.   


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